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Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
on the rich. >> yes. speaker of the house john boehner not willing to budge on demands to end the bush year tax cuts but is offering a kbrinl reduction plan as a counter proposal to ending breaks. this afternoon, house speaker spent the president a letter outlining $800 billion through tax reform. but the cuts remain in place. the plan calls for $600 billion in savings from health sources, $300 billion in additional mandatory savings. sound vague to you? abc 7 political analyst says that is part of the game. >> every time you make cuts at this point, you're affecting some constit twensys going to get mad at you. >> the president is asking for $1.6 trillion in new revenue over next 10 years mostly from the rich. speaker boehner offering half of that amount through his tax reforms and if they can't find an agreement it means on january 1 nearly every american will pay more income tax, between 2000 and $2400 for average families. san francisco cafe distill, the owner says we can pay that. if his employees have to pay, that would hurt. >> $2400 makes a big difference for employees making b
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
great to tab blets and phones. hi, john. >> hey there, larry. yeah. there are more sign that's glory days for the pc are long gone. you'll remember windows 8 system supposed to boost sales, turns out pc sales got no boost and research firm npd says sales of windows devices fell 2 is% since windows 8 was released in late october. the report comes as we're learning microsoft is planning to speed up the frequency of the windows upgrades to about once per year. microsoft shares down a little more than 1%. in today's trading session. meantime, verisign shares down after the company's new contract with the government came out, it can manage domain name buzz may no longer be able to raise prices without prior approval. >> let's talk about the broader markets. stocks will changed. investors weighed on budget talks. apple, cisco, yahoo dragging the index down. it is the second day senior citizens unable to access the interthet but google are letting syrians get the message out with a communications service called speak to tweet. users call a phone number, leaving a message that is posted to t
Nov 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> and apple latest version of itunes is here. >> john joins us with today's tech report. >> apple expanding the footprint in northern california with construction underway on a faucet of offices in santa clara. this two building campus is sitting on the north side of stephens creek boulevard. a short distance from the cupertino city limits. they reported the first building set to be complete by the middle of 2014. no word on when the second building will be fchbd. nor apple news, unveiling the latest update to itunes, media service has new look and feel, integrated more closely with the i-cloud service. the new version of itunes was originally released next month but apple said they need more time to develop changes. >>> changes are coming in the relationship between facebook and zynga. they agreed to a revised partnership deal. zynga's game page will no longer have to use facebook as the social platform. meanwhile, facebook will be allowed to develop its own games. the agreement takes effect in march. as for the stock market, closing higher after treasury secretary headed to capitol hill f
Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
afternoon. so that work could be dub. >> santa cruz mountains >>> silicon valley millionaire john mafee crossed into guatemala from belize where he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, he's on the run with a 20-year-old girlfriend. he continues to be in contact with the media via interviews and e mails and blog posts. >> former bart officer and his wife were killed in what investigators believe was a murder suicide. the bodies of robert and amber seymor found shot to death in their north carolina home monday morning. the couple moved with their three kids in 2011 after robert seymor retired from bart. >> firefighters are mopping up after a blaze in two victorian homes in the haigt ash bury neighborhood. the fire broke out inside of an upper story of an apartment building on age street. it quickly spread to the attic of an adjoining building frkts sound electrical equipment. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. >> voters spoke rejecting a parcel tax for fire services in contra costa county. >> the decision made to close several stations there. abc news
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
a sense of urgency. >> they may not agree on details but house speaker john boehner and house minority leader agree on one thing. failure is not on the table. >> going over fiscal cliff will hurt our economy. >> boehner said republicans are committed to a compromise. >> rinz are willing to put revenue on the table. >> so hard ball politics were left to house majority leador eric cantor complaining the white house hasn't come to the table with concession autos we have not seen any good faith efforts on the part of this administration to talk about the real problem. we're trying to fix. tomorrow, round two. abc news, washington. >> president ob dwraum -- obama will meet for a private lunch with mitt romney. the president promised to meet with his rival and that he would consider romney's ideas. romney commented he believed the president won because of so called gifts he gave to hispanics, blacks and young voters. we'll see how the meeting go autos one thing you can do to give your cholesterol lowering drugs a boost. >> a woman finds success on the internet spoofing popular videos and how
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5